NextGen Resale

Many resale stores throughout the U.S. and Canada adhere to the Nextgen Resale Pricing Standards. This fair pricing system is built into our Point of Sale (POS) System.

NextGenResale spent nearly two years developing its pricing system using sales data from multiple stores over many years and continues to hone it. Resale prices are suggested based on item type, brand, features, condition and market. The resale and pay prices are data-based, current and fair.


Sell and pay prices are empirical, based on data from established and reputable retail and resale businesses throughout North America.


NextGen checks benchmark prices, thousands of them, in the spring and fall of each year. Prices are updated annually. Stores adhering to the NextGen Standards are awarded Certificates of Compliance with the Fair Pricing Standards at the beginning of each calendar year.


Sell prices are set at fair market value, the demonstrated price at which like items sell within 60 days. Sell prices range from 40-80% off of current retail prices. Toys and equipment generally sell at a higher percent of retail than clothing. In the case of all resale merchandise, the better the brand and better the condition, the higher the percentage.

Pay prices are set to assure a fair return to sellers and consignors. When we buy items outright (pay cash on the spot), we pay sellers an average of 35% (ranging from 20% to 60%) of what the item is priced, –the higher the sell price, the higher the percentage.

The NextGen Resale system allows us to be fair to everyone and helps ensure you will save up to 70% off regular retail prices!